Professor Mei Jianjun


2020.09.16 16:00-17:30


What did China contribute to the development of world civilization? Did China ever lead the world in the historical development of science and technology? What impacts did Needham’s work have on the world’s view of Chinese civilization? Is his intellectual heritage outdated now or still closely relevant to our current world? In this lecture, I shall discuss these questions and present my personal reflections through introducing Needham’s monumental work Science and Civilisation in China as well as a wide range of reviews of it.


Professor Mei Jianjun, Director of the Needham Research Institute, Cambridge; Director of Research, The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge; Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge; Visiting Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing; Corresponding Member, The German Archaeological Institute; Vice President, The Chinese Society for History of Science and Technology (2009-2019); President, International Society for the History of East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine (2011-2015).