‘Pilot Program 2.0’ Interdisciplinary International Summer School is successfully held

‘Pilot Program 2.0’ Interdisciplinary International Summer School is successfully held Wenfang Fan 2022-09-29 1316

With the significant support of Institute of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and several schools and departments of SJTU, Zhiyuan carefully designed a series of diverse learning scientific research activities. The summer school includes one independent scientific research activity for individual students, one academic literacy lecture, two peer sharing sessions and three courses, which can create opportunities for top-notch students to get in touch with frontier academic frontiers and build an international academic and curriculum resource platform for in-depth communication and interaction between top-notch teachers and students.

In the morning of August 22, the opening ceremony of the summer school was held online. Mr. Gao Dongfeng, Director of the Division of Science and Technology, the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Ms. Hao Jie, Deputy Director of the Division of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ms. Wu Jingyi, Vice Provost of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Fan Chunhai, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dean of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, SJTU; Professor Hong Mei, Secretary of General Party Branch Committee of Zhiyuan College, Professor Xia Weiliang, Associate Dean of Zhiyuan College, and more than 100 teachers and students from the pilot program universities attended the meeting. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Zhang Junliang, Executive Deputy Dean of Zhiyuan College.

Mr. Gao Dongfeng delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He mentioned that summer school is one of the effective ways to strengthen the training of top-notch talents in basic disciplines, which can build a high-quality platform for top-notch students to get in touch with the international frontier, promote thinking collision, stimulate scientific interest and gather youth growth community. He put forward three hopes: first, the students could strive to become a leader in changing the future world, dare to question, ask and innovate, dare to challenge the limits of science, firm interests, explore the unknown; Second, more "Mr. Big" can act as guides for top-notch students, strengthen their spiritual inspiration, academic and life guidance, and encourage more young talents to devote themselves to basic researches. Third, SJTU could develop into a demonstration zone for cultivating top-notch students in basic disciplines, continuously explore various cultivation modes such as international summer school, build bidirectional interactive, cooperative, and win-win talent cultivation mechanism for top-notch students, build worldwide outstanding faculty team, cultivate students with global competency, accelerate efforts to build the upland for global talents and innovation.

Summer school, as an important supplement to the learning and scientific research of top-notch students in basic disciplines, is an effective way to integrate the quality education resources of basic disciplines, promote academic exchanges between teachers and students among pilot program universities, create a strong academic atmosphere, and stimulate the scientific interest and innovative spirit for top-notch students. In the future, Zhiyuan College will continue to accumulate experiences for organizing summer schools, give full play to the important role of international academic platform in improving the innovation ability of top-notch students, and provide the students with more opportunities for interaction with masters and scholars, higher-level international academic activities and brand courses.