Bin Li, YuHe Scholar, Professor in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Distingiuished Young Scholars of NSFC in Immunology, Leading Talents in Shanghai, Shanghai Subject Chief Scientist. Principle Investigator in Shanghai Institute of Immunology.


2020.11.18 16:00-17:30


Research in Bin Li’s laboratory mainly focuses on understanding molecular mechanism underlying the functional stability, plasticity and balance of FOXP3+ Regulatory T cells (Treg) and RORγt+ T helper 17 cells (Th17) in inflammatory diseases, as well as their therapeutically modulation, especially by compounds from Chinese Traditional Medicine. By using and developing Treg specifically depletion of key enzymatic subunits of FOXP3 complex animal models, as well as these state-of-art cutting-edge technologies in single cell sequencing and immune cell metabolism, we are revealing the functional role of peripheral tissue-specific Treg cells in vitro and in vivo in health and disease settings. We expect that our original findings will be translational to biomedical industry and be beneficial to human health.


Bin Li, Yu He Scholar, Associate Director, Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Distinguished Professor, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Email: binli@shsmu.edu.cn; Cofounder and Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board at Biotheus, Inc.