Fangwei Ye, Tenured Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 


2021.04.14 16:00-17:30


In sharp contrast with the electrons that can be manipulated by electric and magnetic field, the movement of photons relies exclusively on the optical materials and structures. Micro- & nano-photonics study the new physics of light-matter interaction and explore the new ways of light control. This talk will focus on nonlinear optical effect and a few specially designed micro- & nano-structures, to show how the spatial behaviors of the light such as the beam size and spatial distribution, propagation direction, light-light interaction, can be controlled in linear and nonlinear ways.


Fangwei Ye, Tenured Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, working in Micro- & Nano- Photonics and Nonlinear Optics, published over 80 research papers on Journals such as Nature, Nature Photonics, Physical Review Letters, etc., elected as the Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader in 2020.