Information technology has not only reshaped the entire human society, but also changed the lives of each of us. As a global information highway, optical fiber communication carries more than 95% of the world's information traffic and is the aorta of the entire communication infrastructure. After five generations of technological revolution, optical fiber communication technology has increased its capacity by one million times and established connections between all continents, countries and cities on the earth. The fast-developing optical communication technology will move from the aorta to the capillaries in the future, and penetrate into all aspects of the information age. Optical interconnection of data centers will accelerate the arrival of the AI era; Fiber to the campus/building/home will have a more profound impact on our daily life and work; Wireless base station optical technology will become an important part of future B5G and 6G base stations; On-chip optical interconnection is expected to realize chip reconstruction and continue Moore’s law; Industrial optical network will use the high reliability and low latency characteristics of optical communication to promote the development of Industry 4.0; The integration of optical perception and communication will build more intelligent scenarios for human society.


2021.04.14 12:00-13:30


ZIRC (multi-function room on the 4th floor of Siyuan Building)


Qunbi Zhuge, Associate Professor of School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering