Hong Liu


2021.09.22 16:00-17:30


It seems natural that Chinese people can understand Chinese music. On closer examination, not necessarily. Why is that? There are at least two troubling questions: first, what kind of music is Chinese music? What is the concept of Chinese music? Second, how to appreciate Chinese music? It means how to become a "knowledgeable" listener of Chinese music. This lecture focuses on the above two questions, with different kinds of Chinese music audio and video materials, to share the wisdom and fun of Chinese music.


Hong Liu is PhD in Ethnomusicology. He is interested in Chinese traditional music cultural studies, in mainland China and overseas publishing of the book more than a decade, dozens of published papers. He has taught at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, San Francisco City College and other institutes, and he is also the part-time and visiting professor in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shandong Normal University, and other institutions. Currently, he is Professor in Musicology Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Dean of the department of Chinese National Music, Vice director of the Research Center for Chinese Ritual Music.