Prof. Ramon Wyss (KTH the Royal Institute of Technology)


2023.09.20 16:00-17:30


Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) was a great inventor,entrepreneur and businessman. He is most recognized for creating the most prestigious award in science, the Nobel prize. This lecture will present facts of his life and upbringing as well as the circumstances behind the fulfillment of his last will, the Nobel prize. Cases of prize winners as well as scientists that did not receive the prize will be discussed, like the example of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn. The case of Madame Chien-Shiung Wu will also be mentioned.


Ramon Wyss is professor emeritus in theoretical nuclear physics at KTH the Royal Institute of Technology. He received the 'Edlundska prize' of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, March 1995. Ramon Wyss also served as an honorary guest professor at Peking University, and at Shanghai Jiaotong University. He has given numerous key notes lectures and published more than 400 articles in refereed journals within nuclear physics with a H-factor of >65. Ramon Wyss served as vice president of KTH in charge of international education at KTH from 2002-2016 and has been engaged in the leadership of different European university networks contributing decisively to the internationalization of Swedish Engineering education. He has been instrumental for setting up the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) InnoEnergy consortium, as well as the strongly engaged in the formation of the EIT Health KIC. He has been the director of the KTH energy platform and served on several review panels. Through his years as vice president he has initiated university relations all over the globe in particular with China. Ramon Wyss received the Magnolia Silver Medal 2015 from the city of Shanghai and was appointed deputy chairman of the international advisory board of Beijing Jiaotong University. He has served as evaluator for the Spanish Ministry of Education and as foreign expert of the Chinese Ministry of Education for the evaluation of DUT and SJTU BSC education. He also served as evaluator for the Finnish Academy of Science research within nuclear and particle physics. Ramon Wyss has been appointed 2021 to the international advisory board of SJTU and by the municipality of Oskarshamn as interim director of a Center for New Energy Technology, CNETO a cooperation platform of public sector, academia and industry. At present, he serves as chairperson of the governing and the science board of the European artEmis project, developing a smart sensor system for improved earthquake forecasting, www.artemisproject.eu