Zhiyuan Delegation Visits Huawei Hisilicon Exhibition Hall

Zhiyuan Delegation Visits Huawei Hisilicon Exhibition Hall Wenfang Fan 2021-04-22 561

On April 21, 2021, a total number of 40 Zhiyuan delegates, including 39 students, and Professor Zhiyu Hu, Zhiyuan Chair Professor, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Micro and Nano Processing Technology, Director of the Nano and Micro Energy Research Institute, and Lecturer for Zhiyuan Interdisciplinary Innovation Course, SJTU, visited Huawei Hisilicon exhibition hall at National Exhibition and Convention Center, and communicated with the Huawei representatives. 



As the current top enterprise in the domestic information and communications industry, Huawei is at the world's leading level in 5G communications, high-performance chips, and urban monitoring. The Huawei Hisilicon representative mainly introduced Huawei's current solutions and related application examples in artificial intelligence, machine vision, industrial Internet, edge intelligence, etc., especially in the field of Huawei's high-tech chips, students learned in details about its wide-ranging applications in various fields of production, daily life, as well as the current technical bottlenecks and the problems that need to be overcome.


As an important practice session of Zhiyuan's cross-innovation module course "The New Generation of Micro-Nano Chip Manufacturing and Application", this activity provides the students with a practice platform beyond the textbook knowledge, enabling them to fully understand the frontier development status of chip manufacturing technology, further strengthen students’ learning and consolidation of relevant knowledge.Through the on-site visit, Zhiyuan students have experienced the power of science and technology in person, and realized that independent research and development of core technologies cannot be controlled by others, which has strengthened their determination to devote themselves to scientific research fields that are urgently needed to be developed in our country.Professor Hu showed appreciation to Huawei HiSilicon for the thoughtful arrangements, and he encourages Zhiyuan students to actively participate in the learning of interdisciplinary innovative knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for future research in the field of chip development.