Talk@ZIRC No.31- Experience Tsung Dao Lee Research Institute

Talk@ZIRC No.31- Experience Tsung Dao Lee Research Institute Wenfang Fan 2021-05-20 493

On May 19, 2021, Zhiyuan College and the Tsung Dao (T. D.) Lee Research Institute successfully held Chalk Talk@ZIRC No.31- Experience and understand the Lee Institute at the No. 300 meeting room of the Tsung Dao (T. D.) Lee Research Institute. 26 Zhiyuan students from division of Mathematics, Physics, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering share the academic feast with 13 active scholars from the Lee Institute. Professor Weiliang Xia, Associate Dean of Zhiyuan College, and Professor Wei Gu, Deputy Director of the Lee, also attended the event. 

Wei Gu first introduced the general situation of the institute. Lee Institute is committed to conducting researches on major scientific issues in the three directions of particle and nuclear physics, astronomy and astrophysics, and quantum basic science, searching for the relationship between the largest and the smallest matter in the universe, and exploring the laws of interaction in nature. He said that the Lee has received strong support from the state, and the new experimental building in Zhangjiang Science City will also be completed this year. After the official relocation, teachers and students are welcome to visit the new building. Gu encouraged students to overcome the teacher-student barriers, take the initiative to ask questions boldly, and express their feelings, thoughts, confusions, and doubts.

Weiliang Xia mentioned two expectations for Zhiyuan students: First, break disciplinary barriers, expend ideas for interdisciplinary researches, explore the unknown on the interdisciplinary platform, and create new knowledge; second, cherish the opportunity of this exchange meeting, take the initiative to ask questions, be positive and interactive.

After entering the teacher-student exchange session, the atmosphere of the venue became very lively. The students carefully browsed academic posters, took the initiative to communicate with professors and scholars, put forward their thoughts and doubts on the frontier issues of the subject fields, and expressed their passion for the research of frontier science. The professors at the conference responded enthusiastically, fully demonstrated their academic charms.

The event enables Zhiyuan students to broaden their academic horizons through zero-distance exchanges and interactions with the professors. ZIRC hopes that the students could start from the inspiration of curiosity, understand the frontiers of science and technology, research for scientific research interests, strengthen their ideals of academic innovation, and bravely climb the scientific frontier peak.