Spring Festival Celebrations

Spring Festival Celebrations Wenfang 2022-02-25 415

On January 24th, Zhiyuan College held a Spring Festival visit for the students that are staying on campus during the winter vocation. Heads of Zhiyuan College and faculty representatives attended the celebrative event.

The Zhiyuan heads kindly asked about the learning and living situations of the students, and sent festive packages and warm wishes to the students, which showed the concerns and love of the college. The student participants expressed their gratitude and interacted with faculty representatives passionately.

Faculty representatives also had lunch with the students to celebrate the arrival of the new year and attended activities together afterwards. Spring Festival couplets represent a beautiful yearning for the New Year and blessings, and the students send their warmest blessings for our nation, university, college and themselves, as well as promote and inherit the traditional Chinese culture via their own creations.