2023 Zhiyuan Summer Camp successfully held

2023 Zhiyuan Summer Camp successfully held Wenfang Fan 2023-07-30 673

In order to better implement the talent training objectives of the Pilot Program 2.0 and continuously improve the quality of the training of top-notch innovative talents, Zhiyuan College actively builds a two-way interactive communication platform within the pilot program university union. Since 2018, Zhiyuan College has initiated the summer semester summer camp, accepting students from top colleges and universities to participate in a diversified series of cutting-edge interdisciplinary courses and practical humanities activities, and at the same time selecting and sending outstanding students to participate in summer camp practice activities at partner colleges and universities.

This year, Zhiyuan Summer Camp continued to cooperate with Taishan School of Shandong University and Chongben College of Ocean University of China, and withdrew a series of academic salons, practical courses, land and sea science examinations, teach-student discussions, exhibition hall and other activities for the top students of the three schools, so as to continuously consolidate the students' professional knowledge, deepen the interdisciplinary practical ability and application ability, to improve students' humanistic quality and feelings of home and country.