SJTU representatives won speical and first prizes at "Challenge Cup" National Competition

SJTU representatives won speical and first prizes at "Challenge Cup" National Competition Wenfang Fan 2022-04-25 1479

On March 29th, the 17th "Challenge Cup" National College Students Extracurricular Academic Works Competition concluded successfully, and Zhiyuan participants won a special prize and a frist prize respectively.

Under the guidance of Wang Kaiyuan, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College, the project "Research on Efficient Homogeneous Catalyst and Mechanism of Lithium Carbon Dioxide Battery" was jointly completed by Zhang Zhen and Hao Qianqian, Chemistry students of Zhiyuan College, and Liu Ruxin, student from Chemistry of Chemical Engineering College, has won the special prize of Energy and Chemical Engineering group.

Under the guidance of Cai Zi, Special Researcher of School of Physics and Astronomy, the project "Research on Evolution Phenomenon in Open Quantum Correlation System" was jointly completed by Wang Zijian, Physics student of Zhiyuan College, and Zhang Yanfang, student from School of Physics and Astronomy, has won the first prize of Mathematical Science group.

The "Challenge Cup" is known as the "Olympics" of academic exploration and technological innovation for contemporary Chinese college students. At present, it is the most concerned and popular national competition among college students in China, as well as the most representative, authoritative, exemplary and guiding competition among college students. The extracurricular academic science and technology works competition (commonly known as the "Big Pick") is held every two years. It is reported that the 17th National "Challeng Cup" national competition has granted a total of 1,233 prizes for the mainland students, including 49 special prizes and 109 first prizes.