The 5th Report Conference of Zhiyuan Future Scholar Porgram was successfully held

The 5th Report Conference of Zhiyuan Future Scholar Porgram was successfully held Wenfang Fan 2022-07-30 1720

On June 23rd, Zhiyuan Innovation Research Center (ZIRC) has successfully held the 5th Report Conference of Zhiyuan Future Scholar Program online. Heads of SJTU and Zhiyuan College, members of the academic committee of ZIRC, as well as hundreds of students attended the online conference.

10 student representatives reported their projects on behalf of their team members. The reports were comprehensive and impressive, and the Q&A session was fierce. Experts asked questions and encouraged students to think deeply. The intense academic discussion showed the teachers and students' passion for scientific research and their belief in seeking truth.

Subsequently, experts gave comprehensive reviews towards the projects. They briefly summarized the highlights and characteristics of the 10 projects, fully affirmed the research achievements and enthusiasm of the students, and put forward relevant suggestions to the students. Experts hoped that students could further strengthen the background introduction of the project and highlight the significance of the project research in the future, so that experts and students from different fields could grasp the core meaning of the project more quickly and understand the project research content more comprehensively during the process of listening to the report.

Heads of Zhiyuan College mentioned that the core objective of ‘Pilot 2.0’ is to independently develop a batch of outstanding scientists for the day after tomorrow, and said the future of the program will further strengthen the original project support, also initiative mentor from the higher deeper level to guide undergraduate students in our school, students will be able to stand taller, see farther, think deeper, and study more cutting-edge.

The conference lasted 4 hours and was well received by many professors, scholars and students of SJTU. Student attendants expressed that they had seen the spirit of persistence of future scientists from the passion and efforts of the student reporters.