Summer 2019 Academic and Culture Communication Program at Oxford University

ZHAO WUNAJI 2019-07-27

Zhiyuan College and Hertford College in Oxford University has been cooperated for six years to promote the international summer program. This summer, there were 33 selected Mathematics and Physics students travelled across the country to join the two weeks program in Oxford.

Date: 29/06/2019 – 16/07/2019

Lectures: Math, Physics, English Language and Culture, Filim-making

Study Tours: University of Cambridge, One-day Trip to London, Shakespeare Birthplace


UIrike Tillmann, professor of mathematics at Oxford University, academician of the Royal Society of England, and Melanie Rupflin, associate professor of mathematics at Oxford University, led us to a palace of mathematics, from group theory to manifold, from known to unknown.


Quantum Physics, was taught by Vlatko Vedral, a distinguished physicist of Quantum Information Theory at University of Oxford Department of Physics.This year, physics students earned an opportunity to visit Clarendon Laboratory and Beecroft Building. In the Clarendon Laboratory, Vlatko’s research group members, Postdoctoral Fellow Tristan Farrow, a Chinese Academic Visitor Jin Li (Institute of Physics CAS) and DPhil Student David Felce (Received bachelor’s degree from Imperial College London) introduced the basic components of the experimental devices as well as the working principles of each part of the devices to the physics students separately.


Canadian professor Bruce Smith led us to experience the British culture, British gentlemanly style, and to enter the historical corridor of the ancient city of London. While Professor Eugene Mcging’s film making is closer to life, the film is deeply analyzed from the professional perspectives of design, shooting, detailed process of film production and structural elements

Study Tours

Three native students from Hertford College worked as Residential Assistants to help. They arranged various activities after class, including off-road walk, punting, and university library visits, to uncover the “hidden map” in Oxford. Students also participated a study visit to University of Cambridge, Shakespeare Birthplace, and Bristish Museum & National Gallery in London.