Zeng Qiurui, alumni of Zhiyuan College, has published an article on Nature as a co-first author

Zeng Qiurui, alumni of Zhiyuan College, has published an article on Nature as a co-first author Wenfang FAN 2024-02-22 1128

Recently, Zeng Qiurui, graduate of Biomedical Science division (class of 2016) , Zhiyuan College, has published a research paper titled "Single cell DNA methylome and 3D multi-omic atlas of the adult mouse brain" in the top scientific journal Nature as a co-first author.


This study successfully constructed a single-cell DNA methylation and three-dimensional multi omics map of the whole brain for the first time, and comprehensively integrated it with other whole brain datasets. It demonstrates the close correlation between spatial epigenetic diversity and transcriptional activity, and reveals how epigenetics participates in regulating the transcriptional diversity of the same gene between different cells. These findings provide valuable resources for understanding the cellular spatial diversity and gene transcriptional regulation of mouse brains.

The mouse brain is a complex organ composed of millions of cells and complex anatomical structures. Behind it, every behavioral response is commanded by complex neural networks, and there are a variety of functional and morphological neural cells behind these networks. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the brain, the latest advances in single-cell transcriptome and epigenome technologies are revealing the molecular mechanisms behind these cellular diversities.


In 2020, Zeng Qiurui graduated from Zhiyuan College and went to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to pursue a doctoral degree in 2021. During her doctoral studies, Qiurui’s main scientific research works were conducted in the Joe Ecker research group at Salk Institute. Professor Joe Ecker is the Director of the Genomic Analysis Laboratory, a researcher at the Howard Hughes Institute of Medicine, and the President of the Salk International Genetics Council. He has provided comprehensive and detailed guidance towards Qiu Rui's scientific researches.


Group photo of Joe Ecker Research Group 

The study experiences at Zhiyuan College has had a positive impact on Qiu Rui's doctoral career. She said that Zhiyuan has cultivated students' research ability to quickly absorb new knowledge and learn new things, and the high-intensity courses have cultivated her self-learning ability to quickly absorb and integrate new professional knowledge. In addition, she has mentioned that Zhiyuan encourages students to have the courage to innovate and practice. The world's top faculty, teaching resources, and practical and inspection methods have stimulated Zhiyuan students' ability to think independently, which has greatly benefited her research career and helped her establish a solid academic foundation. In addition, the platform provided by the college helped her to conduct and complete her graduation projects at Harvard University during her senior year. Qiurui is very grateful for this experience, which has greatly enriched and expanded her research perspective, and strengthened her scientific research direction.

Qiurui, a third-year doctoral student, has currently published four high-quality research papers in top journals such as Nature and Science. The path of scientific research is full of exploration and challenges. Although there are many failures, the ability to discover things unknown to predecessors is precisely the most charming and attractive aspect of scientific research. During this process, Qiurui has deeply realized that a regular schedule, healthy diet, and joy of life are crucial for producing creative researches. She stated that she will continue to search for a rhythm that suits her, and will steadfastly continue to explore on the path of scientific research.